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This is one of the most frequent operations carried out in our office. The seller brings the title deeds that is to say the deeds of the property that they are going to sell and the latest council tax receipt if they have it. In some cases it is necessary to bring along other documents such as the energy efficiency certifícate or the latest receipt from the residents association.


When someone passes away a timescale begins in which settlements and in some cases, certain tax payments (such as inheritance tax or a municipal tax) are to be made. The inital period of time to undertake these obligations is for six months that can be extended upto one year from the time of death. The inheritance is formalized in a notarial document.


At this moment in time a donation is a quite frequent operation due to the tax benefits it can provide established  by law 13/1997 passed by the local Valencian government, which permits a donation to ones offspring, tax free on an initial base of 100.000-€., plus a possible 8.000 -€ for each year the child has under 21 years of age with a maximum limit of 156.000-€.


In the notary we formalise the documents to setup companies, the appointment of directors, a change of address, the increase or decrease of shareholder stock, statutory changes, mergers, corporate decisions, winding up agreements and liquidations.


A marital contract is a notarial document through which the spouses choose the financial frame work of their marriage, this can be by a joint marital property basis or by a división of wealth.


The will is the document through which a person allocates their assets for after their death. It not only serves to distribute ones patrimony, but also to designate guardians for minors, or to put in place a plan to care for children with disabilities.


This is an instrument that authorizes a person to act in the name of another. As of 2003 preventitive powers have been allowed, that is to say powers that remain in place even if the person who has granted the power is incapacitated, it is what is called guardianship. This is a very useful tool, as is a will and testament, when faced with a possible situation of worsening health and given the fact that life expectancy in general is increasing.


From the 30th of June 2017, Notaries were permitted to officiate marriage ceremonies, under certain criteria.However the processing of the initial documents required has been put back until the 30th of June 2020, dependent on the Civil Registry reform bill. When a married couple who have neither, under age, non emancipated or disabled children who depend on them, in common, can agree their separation or divorce by notarial means. They must draw up an agreement before the Notary in accordance with the laws of the local authorities and they must be accompanied by a counsel.

Other Services


These are contracts of a financial and commercial nature, which are a major part of the banks operations.


The objective of these operations is the verification of facts or the perception of these facts by the Notary.


Amongst other things, these are the authentification of original documents or the declaration that a person has been in the presence of the Notary.


This is the notarial recognition that a signature corresponds to a certain individual.